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DJ Set / Spain

Play Pal Music founder & manager since 2012, imprint where he’s counted with many great artists through out these years, faithful reflect of his eclectic vision for music.

After more than two decades playing and visiting some of the finest clubs in Europe and America such as Café Berlín (Madrid), La Dame Noir (Marseille), Kater Blau (Berlín) or M.N.Roy (CDMX) to mention some of them, he’s been promoter and resident Dj at the venues Wonky, W!cked & Play Pal Nights (Madrid, Spain), as well as involved in many musical projects both in Madrid and away from Spain’s capital, like coproductions in Barcelona (Off Sonar) or an annual Play Pal Music Showcase at Renate Club (Berlin), which will also take place on 2020.

He has published music on labels such as Ombra INTL, Relish, Tici Taci, Sinchi Collective, Nein Rec., Playground Rec. or his own imprint Play Pal Music among others, receiving the support and being charted by artists like Andrew Weatherall, The Hacker or Tim Sweeney.

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